Wet Chalk Painting as a Creative Indoor Art Activity for Preschoolers and Kids

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chalk painting projects for kidsEven on days when the weather outside is rainy or cold, parents can set up creative indoor chalk activities for kids, such as wet chalk painting for preschoolers and older children. The mess potential for this fun art project is minimal, with what little mess is made easily cleaned up, and boys and girls can explore rough and smooth textures, as well as concepts such as wet and dry or dark and light while smearing damp chalk sticks on different kinds of paper or wetting down the paper with paintbrushes or spray bottles.

The supplies needed for this creative chalk art activity include:

  • colored chalk sticks (either cheap sidewalk chalk or boxed chalkboard chalk will work)
  • paper (preferably both white and colored construction paper)
  • bowl of water
  • paintbrush
  • spray bottle (optional)
  • smock (optional)
  • tray (optional)

make kids chalk paintingTo create their wet chalk art drawings, children can:

  • soak the chalk sticks in the water and then draw with them.
  • paint the paper with water to moisten it and then draw with dry chalk on top of the wet areas.
  • draw a picture with dry chalk and then dampen the picture by spraying it with water from a spray bottle or painting over portions of it with a wet paintbrush.
  • use their fingers or other tools like old toothbrushes or plastic forks to mold or scratch designs in lumps of melted chalk smeared over wet paper.

wet chalk art activity

While kids play with this chalk art technique, suggest that they observe the results of their experiments, such as the difference in color between the marks a wet stick of chalk and a dry stick of chalk make.

wet chalk art activity for kidsOr the effects that can be created when drawing with wet chalk on a piece of colored construction paper, instead of on a sheet of white paper.

creative art project for preschoolers with chalkWhile older children can enjoy this indoor art activity as well and experiment with sophisticated color mixing or creating representational art, younger preschoolers will most likely get more pleasure from the active sensation of smearing the chalk everywhere. To contain any possible mess, parents and teachers can layer the work surface with newspaper or splash mats or have children place their paper on top of a tray.

colored chalk art idea for childrenFinished wet chalk art pictures may be sopping wet, so parents and teachers can hang them on a line to dry, slip them in a paint drying rack, or even just lay them outside on a porch. (If children’s artwork is placed outside to dry, be sure to weigh each masterpiece down with shoes or rocks so that it dries flat and does not blow away.)

finished colored chalk craftOnce the paper is dry, have children describe how the look of their artworks has changed. Are the colors brighter? Lighter? Softer? Darker?

creative chalk art project for preschoolersEncourage children to also discuss issues such as the textures created by the dried chalk and how a drawing made using wet chalk differs from drawings or paintings made using other media such as paints or crayons.

This fun creative indoor art activity for preschoolers (and older kids) can be enjoyed during any season or type of weather to encourage artistic exploration and entertain children yearning to go outside to draw on sidewalks with chalk.

Other creative chalk art ideas for kids include:

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