Apple Jack-o-Lantern Craft to Make Fall or Halloween Decorations

apple jack o lantern crafts glowing at night

Since the original jack-o-lantern from legend was formed from a hollowed-out turnip filled with a glowing coal, families should feel free to get creative and explore other means of creating spooky lanterns than just carving pumpkins. Use those fresh apples from the family field trip to the farmer’s market or the local u-pick apple orchard to design and carve apple jack-o-lanterns as a fun and easy fall craft for kids.

1. Select apples that are large enough to fit a tea light (whether real or electric) at their base and have firm flesh that will be easy to slice and carve and will hold the shape of your jack-o-lantern’s features. You might use many of the same variety of apple for a uniform look or carve several different apples of varying shapes and skin colors to create an interesting contrast in your fall or Halloween decorations.

different kinds of apples2. Using a sharp fruit knife, slice off the top “lid” of each apple.

slice top off of apples3. Using an apple corer or serrated melon baller, carefully scoop out only the core and discard it.

scooping out cores of apples4. Using a serrated melon baller, scoop out the flesh of the apple, saving it for a snack, for a baking project, or for making applesauce. Be gentle as you scoop to make sure that you do not tear or puncture the apple’s skin. Be certain to hollow out enough room for your tea lights to fit and sit flat on the inside floor of each apple.

use serrated melon baller to hollow out apples5. Have children use a permanent marker that will not smear to draw a funny, scary, or spooky jack-o-lantern face on the side of each apple.

use marker to draw jack o lantern faces on apples6. Using the tip of a sharp knife, gently cut out the details of the faces that kids have carved.

carving the features of an apple jack o lantern decoration7. Insert the tea lights and replace the lids of your finished carved apple jack-o’-lantern decorations. If you are using a real tea light instead of the electric flameless kind, cut a tiny vent hole in the lid of each carved apple and watch the flame closely once it is lit to make sure it does not begin to burn the fruit.

apples carved into jack o lantern decorations for fall or HalloweenYour finished apple jack-o-lanterns can be used indoors on a shelf or windowsill or outdoors on a porch or the front steps as decorations for fall or for a Halloween party. Place them next to gourds, a pumpkin, colored autumn leaves, or ears of corn to create a seasonal autumnal effect.

apple jack o lanterns and a fall pumpkin apple jack o lanterns and a halloween pumpkin

carved apple jack o lanterns for Halloween apple jack o lanterns

These fun Halloween crafts for kids will begin to decay once carved, so plan ahead if you want to showcase them at a particular time. For the first day or so they will just wizen and become spookier, but around day five they will most likely begin to mold. Additionally, ones displayed outside will be eaten by squirrels sooner rather than later.

halloween pumpkin and apple jackolantern fall decorationsHappy Halloween!

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