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Activity Ideas for The Valentine Bears Lesson Plan

A sweet story with a theme related to the act of caring for others, The Valentine Bears can be used as part of a Valentine’s Day lesson plan to improve the reading comprehension skills of early elementary students. This year when Valentine’s Day arrives, Mrs. Bear plans to wake up from her winter hibernation to […]

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Activity Ideas for Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! Lesson Plan

When February rolls around, preschoolers and kindergartners may be making valentines for the very first time. Parents and teachers can use Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! by Laura Numeroff with illustrations by Felicia Bond [Balzer + Bray: 2009; ISBN: 978-0-06-180432-8] in a literature-based art lesson plan to help children design valentine cards for friends and family […]

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Enrichment Activities for an If You’ll Be My Valentine Lesson Plan

The sweetly poetic children’s picture book If You’ll Be My Valentine by Cynthia Rylant, illustrated by Fumi Kosaka [HarperCollins: 2005, ISBN: 0-06-009269-6] can be used for everything from a fun read-aloud for preschoolers to a focus for creative writing activities for kindergartners and early elementary school students. The text of this book is made up […]

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How to Bake Gingerbread Men Cookie Dolls and Clothes

Written by on November 23, 2012 in Arts & Crafts Activities, Desserts, Food Crafts, Recipes with 0 Comments

In this fun and easy kids’ baking activity, children and parents make a homemade cookie gift basket full of gingerbread cookie men and women dolls that can be “dressed” in a wardrobe of decorated shortbread clothes. Dress-up gingerbread people make great holiday presents that boys and girls can play with and then eat! How to […]

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Make Handprint Turkey Cookies as a Fun Thanksgiving Baking Activity for Kids

When November rolls around each year, homes and schools bloom with creative handprint turkey crafts. Though most involve paper and paints, in this fun Thanksgiving baking activity for kids, boys and girls make tasty and unique holiday treats by transforming traced hands into cute and delicious handprint turkey cookies. Begin this Thanksgiving baking craft activity by […]

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Marzipan Pumpkins and Winter Squash Vegetable Cookies Fall Baking Craft for Kids

Easy to tint and mold in an infinite number of ways, marzipan dough can be used for much more than just making tasty fruit shapes. Create delicious autumn decorations and challenge children to demonstrate what they know about the many varieties of fall vegetables by having kids sculpt and bake marzipan pumpkin and winter squash […]

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Best Children’s Picture Books That Retell the Australian Folktale Tiddalik the Frog

Written by on March 24, 2013 in Books, Media with 0 Comments

The Australian traditional folk tale Tiddalik the Thirsty Frog can be used by parents and teachers to teach World Water Day or Earth Day lessons about water conservation, as well as social studies lessons about the importance of sharing and community life. There are several different picture book versions to choose from of this Australian […]

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The Best Groundhog Day Books for Children

From funny children’s picture books starring groundhogs to engaging nonfiction books that teach about this interesting American tradition, these are some of the best Groundhog Day books for children. Parents and teachers can use these suggestions as quick entertaining read-alouds or as part of more structured literature-based lessons for this February holiday. Children’s Fiction Books […]

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Best Nonfiction Picture Books for Teaching Children About Apples and How They Grow

Written by on October 23, 2012 in Books with 0 Comments

When preparing a literature-based apple theme unit, parents and teachers can pair fun children’s fiction picture books containing stories about apples with children’s nonfiction books that teach science facts about this popular fruit and how it grows. Use events and details from the fictional stories as jumping-off points for more fully fleshed out lessons on […]

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Eco-friendly eco-kids eco-eggs Easter egg coloring kit review

Families concerned about the chemicals and artificial dyes found in commercial Easter egg decorating kits who also do not have the time or energy to make their own dyes from plants can use the eco-friendly eco-eggs Easter egg coloring kit from eco-kids to color their eggs in a safe and natural way. Made in Maine […]

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Eco-friendly Easter Grass Kit Review

For a fun and green spring garden craft activity, parents and kids can grow baskets of live grass together with the original, all-natural Easter Grass Kit from Spots and Ladybugs. This well-intentioned eco-friendly parent and child activity kit is inspired by the great idea of eliminating the waste, pollution, and mess caused by using plastic […]

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After watching the Easter-themed episode “Madeline and the Easter Bonnet” from the cartoon series Madeline, based on the classic books by Ludwig Bemelmans, parents can try out a variety of creative and fun activities to teach and entertain kids during this holiday season. In this episode, Bon Bon the neighborhood milk-wagon mare will not budge […]

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As part of a fun Valentine’s Day math lesson plan for preschoolers and kindergartners, parents and teachers can use H. Werner Zimmermann’s children’s picture book A Circle Is Not a Valentine [Oxford University Press: 1990; ISBN: 0-613-89279-8] to teach the shapes of squares, circles, triangles, and hearts, then assess what children have learned through a creative […]

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Using the ideas in this Valentine’s Day elementary art lesson plan, parents and teachers can help children understand two of the seven elements of art — form and space. Kids will learn what each art element is and then use them to depict the same simple subject – the shape of a heart — by creating […]

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